Patanjali International Yoga Foundation

"The Basic Principle of our foundation-Truth to the Original Source
We follow the Ancient Yoga Style taken from Sanskrit books"

Mantraa of the Ancient Sage Patanjali:

yogena chittasya padena vacham alam   sarirasya cha vaidyakena |

yopakaroti tam pravaram muninam
patanjalim pranajaliranato'smi ||

"Let us bow to the noblest of sages Patanjali, who gave Yoga for serenity of the mind, Sanskrit grammar for purity of speech and Ayurvedic medicine for the perfection of health."


Q: I am suffering from overy cyst. Please suggest Yoga?
A: Please practice for Tittali asana, thigh hip opening exercise, regular walking and avoid heavy meal, spicy oily and junk food. Practice some reguler exercises. If you have overweight please try to reduce it ....
Patanjali International Yoga Foundation
yoga teacher training in Rishkesh, Yoga courses Ashrams Classes

Patanjali International Yoga Foundation {PIYF} is a non profit, registered, residential yoga organization.It is registered under the Indian Government and International association with  Yoga Alliance USA  and Canadian Yoga Alliance Canada. PIYF was established in 2001 to hold and research on ancient yoga which source is the noble sage Patanjali. We give knowledge  from the original form of Ayurveda, Indian cultural science and Scriptures which are getting disappeared in the modern time.Therefore, PIYF aims not only...

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

yoga teacher training in Rishkesh, Yoga courses Ashrams Classes
Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh certified with the Yoga Alliance USA & Canadian Yoga Alliance have set a widely-accepted international standard for Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh programs which includes 200 hours across five areas of teaching: 1-Techniques 2-Philosophy/lifestyle/ethics 3-Teaching methodology 4-Anatomy and Physiology 5-Teaching practicum. Patanjali International Yoga Foundation explores these teaching areas in YTT programmes. 1-Techniques: Asana, Pranayama, bandha, yogic Mudras, shatkriya...

Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda Course

yoga teacher training in Rishkesh, Yoga courses Ashrams Classes
Ayurveda is an ancient and most well regarded systems of health & medicine of India Ayurveda known as the 5th Veda scripture. Ayurveda word derived from Sanskrit which means the science of life. The principal of Yoga Ayurveda therapy was using for millions of year and still holding tremendous value in the present modern life. According to Yoga Ashram & Ayurveda a person can enjoy good health and a feeling of well being. PIYF offers a complete course on Yoga and Ayurveda and it is best teacher training courses in India...

Yoga Meditation Retreats
yoga teacher training in Rishkesh, Yoga courses Ashrams Classes

Patanjali International Yoga Foundation {PIYF} offers 2 weeks yoga and Ayurveda retreats, holyday course and  treatment for healthy well being. According to the scripture Yoga and Ayurveda are not separate , they have same routs and systems. They come from the one roots known as Veda 'the scripture'. Yoga which treats mind and Ayurveda is source of rejuvenating physical body, only a healthy person can reach the goal of yoga, Best Yoga Courses in Rishikesh. The meaning of re-treat is a period of group withdrawal for prayer...

Accomodation & Yoga Ashram Facilities
yoga teacher training in Rishkesh, Yoga courses Ashrams Classes

PIYF provide to their students for comfortable stay during yoga teacher training, yoga therapy and ayurvedic, yoga meditation and yoga vacation courses all yoga ashram facilities at Rishikesh like semi delux comfortable room with balcony and attached hot/cold shower bathroom, pure sattvika organic fresh meal, ayurvedic herbal chai, very small shop for ayurvedic product, CD-DVD and yogic-ayurvedic books, taxi to/from international airport Delhi/Rishikesh, sitting room and roof top flower garden with sitting facility...

Yoga Courses in Rishikesh: Future Programs
yoga teacher training in Rishkesh, Yoga courses Ashrams Classes
Patanjali International Yoga Foundation {PIYF} offers Yoga Teachers Training Rishikesh India 200 hrs programme certified by Yoga Alliance USA and Canadian Yoga alliance Canada for International students which starting from 01st to 28th September-2014. Course include asana, pranayama, bandha, mantra, mudra, kriya, meditation, chakra and kundalini, life style and food for yoga practioner, theory on verious subject of yoga and studying main subject of Yoga sutra of patanjali, Hatha yoga pradipika, Gheranda ...

07 Apr 2014 : Tommarow going to Neergaon waterfall with all the yoga teacher trainee and staff of Patanjali International Yoga Foundation rishikesh India

15 Mar 2014 : Full moon yoga going to be practice at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation, Rishikesh on 16March 2014 on the bank of Ganga River surrounded by great mountain Himalaya.

27 Feb 2014 : Diego Angarita from Colombia has register for 01-28 April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India.

27 Feb 2014 : We are celibratining Mahashivaratri THE NIGHT OF LOSRD SHIVA at PIYF Rishikesh India with all the teachers, staff and Yoga studnets.

10 Feb 2014 : Mr. Adam and Jean Itier from UK Have register for 01-28 April 2014 Yoga Teacher Training at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India.

09 Feb 2014 : A. Chhetri from Japan has register for 01-28 September 2014 Yoga Teacher Training at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India.

08 Feb 2014 : Amy from USA has register for 01-21 December 2014 Yoga Teacher Training at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India.

05 Feb 2014 : Eiji Satsuki from Finland has Have register for 01-21 December 2014 Yoga Teacher Training at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India.

01 Jan 2014 : PIYF offers you to watch a vedio about Yoga Class:

18 Dec 2013 : Patanjali International Yoga Foundation have announced Yoga Teacher training Courses, Yoga Meditation Retreats and Yoga therapy Courses for 2014.

05 Dec 2013 : The group of Yoga Teacher Training of 01-21December 2013, is very good and talented. They practicing very good and studying all day long on the roof top Yoga Foundation and having beautiful sun and view as well.

27 Nov 2013 : Yoga Teacher Training course going to be end of November 2013 and by 30th November we will start Yoga Teacher Training for Dec 2013. time goes so quick!!

18 Nov 2013 : On full moon days 17th Nov 2013, we practice intensive yoga all day long. It was most experience of 108 round of surya namskar, which most of yoga practitioner dream about that. The fire ceremony show the culture of Indian believe and faith in God. Karma yoga which let us know about to know reality of liberation and was two hrs intensive mediation for self realization at Patanjali Yoga, Rishikesh India.

14 Nov 2013 : There will be big celebration at patanjali international yoga foundation on full moon day 17 november 2013 with all ytt trainee students.

11 Nov 2013 : Joshua Kennett from USA has registered for yoga teacher training course at patanjali yoga foundation rishikesh starting from 1st feb 2014.

03 Nov 2013 : Today is DEEWALI "The festiwal of light" all day long programm. from 7am to 10 yoga practice, 11-13 fire ceremony and prayer. 14-16pm lecture and theory, 17-19 yoga practice, 21pm cracker and deewali celibration with all the trainee.

14 Oct 2013 : Today we are Celebrating the great festival which known as Vijaya dashami with all Yoga Teacher Training students throgh intence yoga practice. Wish you all to Victory over evil time on "Vijaya Dashami" is a festival in India that celebrates the victory of good over evil. God Rama's victory over the demon king Ravana and the triumph of good over evil.

05 Oct 2013 : Lyudmila and her husband from Germany register for Yoga Teacher Training starting from 01Dec 2013 at Patanjali International Yoga Foundation Rishikesh India!!

04 Oct 2013 : All the students of ytt trainee took bath in Ganga and all we made Poona on the bank go holly Ganga river. All we offer food for their dead soul, today is last day of pitri paksha" amla say"

28 Aug 2013 : Celebrating lord Shri Krishna,s birthday at piyf, rishikesh, India, tonight at 00:00 28 August 2013!

27 Aug 2013 : Those whoever wish to use the PIYF's logo, yoga material, to print card, calender, kindly please Register your Yoga School (RYS), or Register Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Patanjali International Yoga Found

01 Aug 2013 : Still registration open for Yoga teacher Training Course for Dec 2013 and Feb 2014.

05 Jul 2013 : 01-21 Dec 2013, 200hrs Yoga Teachers Training 01-28 Feb 2014 200hrs Yoga Teachers Training 01-28 April 2014 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training

27 Jun 2013 : Piyf, rishikesh is still safe by rain or flood, everything is fine here. Whatever is going through news in the world, were happened above 300 km on the mountain. Those who ever wants to travel rishike

15 May 2013 : Registration open for YTT 01-28th Augsut 2013, intrested students please reaserve your seat in advance.

06 May 2013 : Registration is open for YTT 01-28August 2013; interested students are welcome to register their seat for YTT.

10 Apr 2013 : PIYF taking their ytt trainee students to neelkanth temple as nature walk spiritual journey and much more aspect.....

03 Apr 2013 : It was a great trip to mother kunjapuri temple on one of the highest himalayan mountain today with all the ytt yoga students. by next week plane to go neelkanth temple.

27 Mar 2013 : May the colors of Holi bring joy and peace in your lives. Happy Holi from PIYf.

01 Mar 2013 : Registration still open for YTT 01-28 April 2013, required students please researve your seat in advance.

25 Jan 2013 : Registration open for YTT 01-28 April 2013.

20 Jan 2013 : In few days, YTT for 01-28 Feb 2013 registration will be closed.

05 Jan 2013 : The registration for 01-28 Feb YTT will be close at 23rd Jan 2013. Intrested students please reagister your name in advance.

03 Jan 2013 : Registration will be close at 27 Jan 2013 for the YTT pragramme 01-28 Feb 2013. Only few seats are left.

29 Dec 2012 : We have completed today 01-28 DEC 2012 YTT program, all the students passed their exam and certify as well. They passed practical, verbal, writen and training test. PIYF wish their brightness future.

12 Dec 2012 : We all PIYF s students, teachers and staff went to spiritual trip to himalayan mountain at lord shiva tample neelkanth. It was very spacial day 12-12-12.

08 Dec 2012 : Yoga Teacher trainee at PIYF, start teaching very good. We hope that they will be very good yoga teacher in their town. Now, 01-28 Feb 2013 YTT registration is open, students are welcome who intereste

04 Dec 2012 : The students of YTT DEC 2012 course are very serious, they studying yoga very seriously. they stay all day long at PIYF.

04 Dec 2012 : Today was first exam/test of YTT students, they had good answers and they pass there exam. By this evening we had CHANTING meditation with all our students and member staff of PIYF.

01 Dec 2012 : There is still open registration for FEB 2013 YTT, those students are interested in course, are welcomed.

28 Nov 2012 : Today, 28th November we have completed one of the group of YTT at PIYF. So, have to days rest, again we will start YTT course at 01st December 2012. It Last moments going of registration.

22 Nov 2012 : Today had married ceremony at PIYF, Rishikesh. Mr. DMITRIY DERIGLAZOV married with Mrs. MARINA DERIGLAZOVA. Today we start a new creation at Yoga Foundation where yoga students can celebrate their mar

13 Nov 2012 : It was great to celebrate Diwali “The festival of light” with all YTT trainee students where we did fire ceremony, chanting, shiva trance dance, deep meditation and cracker of course.

08 Aug 2012 : Today was big day for us, we all went to 12km up mountain Shri NEEL KANTH Mahadeva temple. We had fun, tracking, mountering and lots of view from up. Some of students were fast, some of slow and some

31 Jul 2012 : It was great introductory fire ceremony of YTT 01-28 Aug 2012. After June-July, two months rest again we will be busy for few month continue again. But it’s nice to spend time with doing yoga than doi

03 Jul 2012 : Guru Purnima on 3rd July 2012 Gururbrahmaa gururvishnuh gururdevo Maheswarah | Guruh-saakshaat parambrahma tasmai shrigurave namah || “Guru is creator Brahma; Guru is preserver Vishnu; Guru is als

01 May 2012 : After 3 month summer break, we will start YTT from 1st-28 Aug 2012. Researvetion going on by new cooming students, only few seats are left.

28 Apr 2012 : It was great calibration of certification of YTT students. All the students pass their exam success fully. They had very good practical, verbal, theory and teaching quality. Hope and wish they will do

15 Mar 2012 : It was very happy moment at PIYF to meeting with international students for Yoga Retreats which starting 15th march 2012. There was mantra chanting, fire ceremony, course introduction, meeting celebra

10 Mar 2012 : The registration will be closed by 25th of March for YTT 01-28 april-2013.

29 Feb 2012 : It was very nice to complete Yoga Retreat at 25 Feb 2012. It was first retreat start with spiring and warm weather. Almost students wish to comeback and gain health back every year. Another YR we star

17 Feb 2012 : Registration is still open for upcoming YTT course for April 2012 only few seats are left.

13 Feb 2012 : Registration is closed for March 2012 yoga teacher training course which going to run from 01-28 March-2012.

31 Dec 2011 : Its nice to celebrated New Year-2012 with way of yoga. All the students and staff of PIYF celebrated New Year eve with fire ceremony, mantra chanting, mudra, meditation and yogic dance at Yoga Foundat

25 Dec 2011 : "Wish you a happy charismas" with each other students were giving wishes and sweet, some chanting, discussion, prayer and stories about x-mass was told on this festival. It was nice see that every one

01 Dec 2011 : Ernesto from Argentina and Suki burn and her family from brazil and much more students from around the world had first introduction meeting this evening to start new YTT course at PIYF.

01 Nov 2011 : Today is first day of beginning of YTT Nov course. All the new students’ guestand staff, altogether, celebrated our fist meeting, introduction with each other. It was nice to meet with everyone for in

01 Oct 2011 : At yoga foundation today was a great celebration with fire ceremony, mantra chanting, kirtan and great meeting with internationally students who is ready to study for one month intensive course.

15 Sep 2011 : Registration for YTT for Oct and Nov 2011is going to be closed. There is more than seats are full.

01 Aug 2011 : 01 Aug-2011 it was great to make fire ceremony, worship, prayer with worldwide students start with YTT one month course. We wish for good health and success full training to all the students.

15 Jul 2011 : Registration for yoga teacher training course from 01st Aug to 28th Aug 2011 is going to be closed, because of seats are fully booked.

25 Dec 2010 : we are going to celibrate X-mas.

05 Nov 2010 : The festival of light, crackers, sweet and meeting with friends, It was great celebration with all PIYF students and some friends on the roof top of PIYF building. We wish you to everyone " Happy Diwa


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About Yoga Foundation

Patanjali International Yoga Foundation {PIYF} is a non profit, registered, residential yoga organization. PIYF was established in 2001 to hold and research on ancient yoga which source is the noble sage Patanjali. PIYF offers Yoga Courses in Rishikesh, Yoga classes in Rishikesh, yoga meditation retreat.We give...



About Rishikesh: Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh

Rishikesh town is situated in the lap of Himalaya Uttarakhanda, a state of north India. It is holy city for Hindus and a famous centre of pilgrimage. Rishikesh is just 24 Km. from Haridwar. PIYF is best Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh. Haridwar located at the point where the Ganga emerges from the Himalaya. Haridwar is one of...


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The nearest international airport is New-Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. For those who choose to continue their way by air, there are currently domestic flights to nearby Dehradun, operated by Air India,Jet Airways and Kingfisher .From there less then an hour drive by taxi to Laxman Jhula Rishikesh.


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